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Detail Library shares construction details that can be adjusted and amended to suit your own projects, saving huge amounts of time.


Not just components – fully resolved details.

CAD, SketchUp, PDF!

The details are available as dwg (AutoCAD 2010 or higher), pdf, jpeg, and SketchUp! So,
whatever platform you work on, you will find a format that works well for you.

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We have put together all the details (UK construction) from our books, and more, and made them easily available on one platform. The library is categorised and searchable, to make it easy to find the exact detail you are after, time and time again.

Over 200 Details

Our details are focused on the residential market, and based on UK construction methods and standards. The library is constantly growing, and if there is a detail missing that you specifically need – just let us know and we can draw it for you!

New Details Added This September:

DL42 – Zinc standing seam wall to roof hidden box gutter detail

DL44 – Vertical Timber Cladding Wall to Roof Detail

DL45 Timber Cladding Wall to Roof with Hidden Gutter Detail

DL47 – Hung Clay Tile Wall to Roof Details

What Is the Detail Library


CAD, SketchUp details

The Detail Library provides construction details as AutoCAD 2D drawings, SketchUp 3D drawings, plus pdfs and jpegs of the 2D drawings. Revit coming soon!


Over 200 Details

The library consists of residential details for UK construction methods and standards. We are busy working on new details all the time, along with sourcing manufacturer details that we think our members will find useful.


Get Full Access

All of our details in one place, ready to be downloaded 24/7. There are no restrictions on downloads, and no restrictions on use.


Search for what you need

The library is fully categorised and searchable, to make it easy to find the exact detail you are after.


Subscription model not for you? Don’t worry, if you are just looking for one or two particular details, you can purchase individual detail files as you need them.

Who is it For?

Before we dive in to the Detail Library, let’s look at who it is for.


Architects looking for a set of details to adapt for their own projects

Self builders looking for construction detail examples for their own build

Construction professionals delivering detail packages and collating construction information

New graduates looking for learning tool and reference for their first job in practice

Students looking to gain a better understanding of construction


Please note we do not currently accept memberships from educational institutions – please contact to discuss options for your institution.

How Can The Detail Library Help You?


Save time searching for details

Not just components, fully resolved details

Save time and money drawing details from scratch

Improve your understanding of construction details

Find a variety of examples of different construction methods (traditional, new build, prefab, passivhaus and more!)

Learn about different products and suppliers

Great start to your own detail library

Easily adjust the details as you need for your own project

New details added regularly

How does it work?

The Detail Library works on a subscription model – where you sign up for a membership and get access to the details 24/7.


There is no download limit.


There are no restrictions on use.


We have different membership options that provide different file versions. New details added to the library are automatically included in your membership.


CAD Details are AutoCAD dwg files in version 2010, SketchUp files are in SketchUp 2015.


If you only need a couple of details, you can purchase individual detail files.


Subscription model not for you? Don’t worry, if you are just looking for one or two particular details, you can purchase individual detail files as you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of CAD will I need?

All of the CAD drawings are AutoCAD 2010. Although the dwg files may be compatible with other programs such as Vectorworks, we cannot guarantee functionality. If you are not sure whether you will be able to view the CAD file, please download a full sample set: Go to Sample Download

What version of SketchUp will I need?

All of the SketchUp models are in SketchUp version 2015 or earlier. So, if you have SketchUp 2015 or later, you will be able to open the SketchUp models.

Do I have to use CAD and SketchUp?

No, you can also get the jpeg and pdf of each detail if you sign up to the Pro plan or purchase individual details. The jpeg and pdf files are for the 2d images only. The 3d details are only visible in the SketchUp files. If you are not sure whether you will be able to open any of the files - please download the full sample pack. Go to Sample Download.

Are the details relevant in my country?

The details are all based on UK construction methods and standards.

How long will I have access for?

If you sign up to the Lite or Pro plan you will receive access for one year. This will be auto renewed on an annual basis.

Does the subscription renew automatically?
The annual subscription renews automatically every year, and you will get a reminder email before payment is due.
Can I cancel?

The subscription is for one year access to the library, if you choose to cancel you will still have access to the library until your annual subscription renewal date. You can cancel at any time.

14 Day Money back Guarantee

We understand that signing up for an annual subscription is a big decision. If you are not satisfied with the Detail Library, you can send us a message within the first 14 days and we will refund your money. Any refund will be subject to our Terms and Conditions

How many users can use an account?
Each account is licensed for a single user and it may not be shared by other users.
Is there a subscription for teams or education institutions?
We do not currently offer membership to educational institutions or team memberships. If you are interested, please contact and we can discuss options available to you. 

Hi, I’m Emma.


I am passionate about making construction details available to all.


In the past I have spent hours searching for details, trying to find an example of a detail so that I can understand the construction a bit better. When I was at university I was really frustrated with how difficult it was to improve my construction knowledge.


Working in practice I would find myself in a similar situation. I knew what I wanted to draw, but sometimes couldn’t find the precedents or examples that would help me come up with a suitable solution. A massive amount of time is spent looking back at previous details, or researching online etc.


The Detail Library presents a quick, go to resource to save time, and provide a selection of precedent details to work from. This is something I certainly wish I had access to, not only during my time working in practice, but during my studies too.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email on