April 2023 – New Details

We have received many requests for curtain wall details over the years. This month we are excited to be able to share a set of curtain wall details with you! This detail set demonstrates the use of curtain walls in a number of different applications.

This set of curtain wall details consist of:

  • curtain wall typical glazing profiles
  • curtain wall head and base details for masonry
  • curtain wall jamb detail for masonry
  • curtain wall head detail for SFS internal leaf
  • curtain wall base detail for upper floor
  • curtain wall intermediate floor details
  • curtain wall level threshold base detail
  • curtain wall base detail with upstand
  • curtain wall external blind detail

Check out the full set below!


New Details

DL217 – Curtain Wall Glazing Typical Profiles

DL218 – Curtain Wall Glazing Head and Base Detail

DL219 – Curtain Wall Glazing Jamb Detail

DL220 – Curtain Wall Glazing Head Detail with SFS

DL221 – Curtain Wall Glazing Base Detail

DL222 – Curtain Wall Glazing Intermediate Floor Detail

DL223 – Curtain Wall Glazing Intermediate Floor Detail Timber

DL224 – Curtain Wall Glazing Level Threshold Base Detail

DL225 – Curtain Wall Glazing Ground Floor Base Detail

DL226 – Curtain Wall Glazing External Blind Detail