August 2021 – New Details

DL29 – Flush Riser Door in Wall Detail

DL30 – Flush Inward Opening Door Detail

DL31 – Flush Outward Opening Door Detail

DL32 – Concealed Trim Pocket Door Detail

DL33 – Shadow Gap Pocket Door Detail

DL34 – Flush Skirting Board Detail

DL35 – Plasterboard Flush Door Access Panel Detail

DL36 – Flush Typical Ceiling Speaker Detail

DL37 – Flush Typical Plaster-in Recessed Spot Light Detail

DL38 – Flush Typical Plaster-in Semi Recessed Spot Lights

DL39 – Typical Surface Mounted Spot Lights Detail

DL40 – Typical Flush Lighting Track Detail

New Brands

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Selo Quadra

We are very excited to share new details from Selo.

Selo provide a range of contemporary interior doorsets, designed to simplify methods and processes that have historically been a headache for architects, developers and contractors alike.

Selo’s modern internal doors give you the power to achieve the interior design and the space function that before now, you could only wish for. Here we feature the Quadra+, Innova and Arriva range.

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Sliding Pocket Doors

Sieger Lux Bifold Door 3

We are very excited to share sliding pocket door solutions from Enigma.

Enigma offer a range of sliding pocket doors making space saving simple with no compromise on design. 

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Sieger Lux Bifold Door 3

ISOQUICK® provides both an effective and inexpensive insulating foundation that can easily be adapted for any new-build residential or commercial project – be it a low-energy, passive, net-zero-energy or energy-plus house.

We are delighted to share some of the Isoquick information with our members.