Sieger Lux Bifold Door 3

EcoCocon is a construction system based on the cradle to cradle philosophy, making the best of natural materials – timber, straw and clay – while ensuring maximum comfort and energy-efficiency.

The system consists of structural timber-straw wall elements, airtight diffusion-open membrane and a wood fibre layer on the outside, and clay plaster on the inside.

The panel types include braced panels, lintels, sills, and inclined gable wall elements. They can be adapted to different structural demands by placing panels closer together (this increases the number of posts per meter of wall length) or by using plywood reinforced column elements.

The EcoCocon wall system is a certified Passivhaus component. An integral part of the system is the use of an airtight, yet fully diffusion-open membrane on the outside of the panels. The membrane also provides weather protection during construction. This construction has been verified by WUFI calculation and on-site measurements.


Download the EcoCocon panel details in PDF and CAD format, samples below.

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Some projects that have implemented the EcoCocon panel system. Visit EcoCocon for more case studies, information and downloads.

Images credit Ecococon