Conservation rooflight 1

Conservation Rooflight

Stella conservation rooflights are perfect for use on period properties, listed buildings, barn conversions or in any project that requires a low profile design. Stella rooflights are bespoke, and made to suit individual project requirements.

Some key features:


Low profile design – Stella rooflights have a low profile, meaning they sit flush with the roofing finish. With slim profiles, very little of the rooflight frame is visible. This is often a key part of conservation planning requirements.


Roof pitch – suitable for roof pitches between 17 and 70 degrees.


Frame – the frame is made of 316L stainless steel with finishes in polyester powder coat in C5 marine application with RAL colours available.


Thermal performance – U-values of between 1.1W/m2K – 1.6W/m2K whole unit value achievable, subject to design requirements.


Interior Lining – American ash with neutral oil protective coating as standard – other hardwood options and paint finishes are available.


Glazing – Double or Triple glazed. Toughened BioClean Natura, self-clean and solar control.

Download the product information sheet for the conservation rooflight.

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