December 2023 – New Details

We are bringing you something a little different this month. Something we have been working on for a little while – a full set of electrical symbols, signage symbols and hazards. This set will be super useful for marking up your M&E plans, health and safety and much more. Let’s get into it and go through exactly what this set includes:

  • Electrical Socket Symbols
  • Electrical Component Symbols
  • Electrical Lighting Symbols
  • Electrical Switching Symbols
  • Heating and Plumbing Symbols
  • Fire Signage Symbols
  • Fire Escape Signage Symbols
  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Prohibition Signs
  • GHS Signs

This set is available in CAD dwg format only.

Check out the symbols below.

New Details

SL34 Electrical Sockets 1
SL35 Electrical Sockets 2
SL36 Electrical Components
SL37 Electrical Lighting
SL38 Electrical Switching
SL39 Heating
SL40 Fire Symbols
SL41 Fire Escape
SL42 Hazard warning Signs
SL43 Mandatory Signs
SL44 Prohibition Signs
SL42 Hazard warning Signs
The full set is contained in one single download – click below to go to the symbol set.