January 2023 – New Details

This month we have a great set of details in collaboration with IQ Glass

This set includes a slim framed pivot door detail, glass lean to extension details to existing solid wall, plus oriel window details. 

In addition, we have some details showing a walk on terrace / flat roof extension with different balustrade options.

Check out the full set below. We hope you find them useful.

New Details

DL189 – IQ Glass Slim Frame Pivot Door Detail

DL190 – IQ Glass Slim Frame Pivot Door Jamb Detail

DL191 – IQ Glass Invisio Lean to Extension Head and Base Detail

DL192 – IQ Glass Lean To Extension Jamb Detail

DL193 – IQ Glass Invisio Oriel Window Detail

DL194 – IQ Glass Invisio Oriel Window Jamb Detail

DL195 – Walk On Terrace to Extension with Balustrade Detail

DL196 – Walk on Terrace to Extension Roof with Parapet Detail

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