July 2022 – New Details

This month we have been exploring balconies and terraces.

This latest set of details includes various Juliet balcony options, along with examples of Juliet balconies to existing buildings, plus a French door to terrace detail featuring door head, jamb and the all important threshold detail. 

Check out the full set below.

New Details

DL137 – Glazed Juliet balcony detail, surface mounted profile

DL138 – Glazed Juliet balcony detail between reveal profile

DL139 – Glazed Juliet balcony detail rainscreen cladding profile

DL140 – Glazed Juliet Balcony – Small masonry cavity wall profile

DL141 – Glazed Juliet Balcony – large masonry cavity wall profile

DL142 – Glazed Juliet Balcony – Surface mounted point supports

DL143 – French doors, Juliet Balcony, Existing Masonry Wall Plan Detail

DL144 – French doors, Juliet Balcony, Existing Masonry Section Detail

DL145 – French Doors, Juliet Balcony Plan Detail Alternative

DL146 – French Doors, Juliet Balcony, Alternative Section Detail

DL147 – French doors onto Terrace Level Threshold Section Detail

DL148 – French Doors onto Terrace Level Threshold Plan Detail


Don’t forget – we have recently updated our brands page to include more recommended manufacturers and websites we feel might be useful to you during your detailing journey.

Categories include:

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This is an ever growing list – so if you come across a website or manufacturer you think would be useful, please let us know and we can add it in.