June 2021 – New Details

DL02 – Conservation rooflight

B01 – Reinforced concrete basement external tanking

B02 – ICF Basement external tanking

B03 – Blockwork basement detail with external tanking

B04 – Insulated Concrete Basement Detail with External Tanking

B05 – Insulated Blockwork Basement Detail

B06 – Reinforced concrete basement detail

B07 – Existing Basement New Drainage Detail

B08 – Concrete Basement Detail Internal Insulation

B09 – Concrete blockwork basement internal insulation

B10 – Concrete basement detail internal drainage

B11 – ICF basement with recessed drainage channel

B12 – Concrete basement internal cavity drain detail

B13 – Concrete basement internal cavity drain detail

B14 – Concrete basement sump detail

B15 – Concrete basement sump detail option 2

B16 – Basement soffit detail

B17 – Concrete basement high risk

New Brands

We are very excited to share conservation rooflight details from Stella Rooflight.

Stella conservation rooflights are perfect for use on period properties, listed buildings, barn conversions or in any project that requires a low profile design. Stella rooflights are bespoke, and made to suit individual project requirements.

Conservation Rooflight

Sieger Lux Bifold Door 3