March 2023 – New Details

Over the last year or so we have had a number of requests for CLT details. This month we are excited to be able to share a standard set of CLT details with you! CLT is a growing construction method that demonstrates a number of benefits, including good structural properties, low impact on the environment, fast construction with off site preparation and good fire performance to name a few. 

This is our first CLT detail set on the library, but we are pretty sure there will be more to come. If you have any suggestions at all, just drop us an email or head over to our contact page to make a suggestion.

This set of CLT details consist of:

  • CLT foundation detail with concrete ground floor slab
  • CLT foundation detail with concrete plinth
  • CLT window head detail
  • CLT window sill detail
  • CLT jamb detail
  • CLT intermediate floor detail
  • CLT roof eaves details

Check out the full set below!


New Details

DL207 – CLT Foundation Detail Concrete Ground Floor Slab

DL208 – CLT Foundation Detail with Concrete Plinth

DL209 – CLT Foundation Detail Concrete Floor Slab

DL210 – CLT Window Head and Sill Detail with service zone

DL211 – CLT Window Detail with CLT Wall Exposed

DL212 – CLT Window Jamb Detail Exposed CLT Wall

DL213 – CLT Window Jamb Detail with Service Void

DL214 – CLT Intermediate Floor Detail

DL215 – CLT Roof Eaves Detail

DL216 – CLT Roof Eaves Detail Hidden Gutter

Check out our associated technical study all about CLT construction.

CLT Construction