May 2022 – New Details


This month we are excited to share a variety of flat roof details. We have had many of our members asking to see different types of flat roof finishes, along with drainage options – so that is exactly what we have produced for this month.

DL126 – Minimal Flat Roof Detail Vacuum Insulation

DL127 – GRP Flat Roof Detail High Performance Insulation

DL128 – Mastic Asphalt Flat Roof High Performance Insulation

DL129 – Cold Roof Retrofit Detail

DL130 – Single Ply EPDM Flat Roof Detail

DL131 – Bitumen Felt Flat Roof Detail

DL132 – Liquid Applied Flat Roof Detail

DL133 – Parapet Flat Roof Drainage with Aluminium Outlet and Hopper

DL134 – Parapet Flat Roof Drainage with Cast Iron Outlet and Hopper

DL135 – Parapet Flat Roof Drainage Detail 90 degree Outlet

DL136 – Flat Roof Drainage Detail Insulated Internal Outlet