MR7 – Flat roof parapet detail, insulation above joists

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Flat roof parapet detail, insulation above joists. Masonry cavity wall.


Update June 2022: Improvements to thermal performance to ensure compliance with updated Part L. Minor amendments for updated Building Regulations. Amendments in line with NHBC 6.11.7.

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£5.50 + VAT
£3.00 + VAT
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Here are key considerations for architects when designing flat roofs with parapets:

Proper waterproofing is essential to prevent water ingress and protect the building structure. Ensure that the parapet wall is properly integrated with the roofing membrane, with appropriate detailing at joints, corners, and penetrations to maintain a watertight seal.

Height and Appearance
Determine the height of the parapet wall based on functional requirements, building regulations, and aesthetic considerations. The height should provide adequate protection against wind uplift while maintaining visual harmony with the overall building design.

Structural Support
Design the flat roof parapet wall to provide sufficient structural support for the roof assembly and to resist wind loads and other environmental forces. 

Thermal Performance
Consider the thermal performance of the parapet wall and its impact on the overall energy efficiency of the building. Ensure that insulation is properly installed within the parapet to minimise heat loss and thermal bridging, especially at junctions with the roof and building envelope.

Fire Safety
Comply with relevant fire safety regulations and standards when designing flat roof parapets. Specify fire-resistant materials and construction methods for the parapet wall to prevent the spread of fire and to provide adequate protection to occupants and neighbouring properties.

Drainage and Overflow
Ensure proper drainage of water from the roof surface and parapet wall to prevent ponding and water damage. Specify overflow provisions, such as scuppers or overflow pipes, to safely divert excess water away from the building in case of heavy rainfall or blockages.

These are just some of the things to consider when designing a flat roof parapet.

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