Window Schedule Template

A window schedule can be key in communicating window specification between the architect, manufacturer and contractor and should be read along with other contract documentation such as specification information and general arrangement drawings.

This template includes a sample window schedule in an excel file. The schedule includes examples of new house specification and house refurb examples which can easily be edited and adjusted to your own requirements.

In addition to this we include a sample cad drawing with an example of a window schedule drawing that would accompany the written window schedule. We also include a window type drawing and UK typical windows.

These templates will save you plenty of time setting up your window schedules and allow you to jump straight in to getting the work done!

These templates can be adjusted for use in your own projects. Members only free download – log in or sign up to download!


The Window Schedule Template pack includes:

  • Window Schedule Excel Template
  • Window Schedule Drawing Example PDF
  • Window Schedule Drawing Example CAD file
  • Typical Window Symbols UK PDF
  • Typical Window Symbols UK CAD file

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