September 2021 – New Details

DL41 – Zinc standing seam eaves detail

DL42 – Zinc standing seam wall to roof hidden box gutter detail

DL43 Zinc Standing Seam Wall Corner Details

DL44 – Vertical Timber Cladding Wall to Roof Detail

DL45 Timber Cladding Wall to Roof with Hidden Gutter Detail

DL46 Timber Cladding Wall Corner Detail

DL47 – Hung Clay Tile Wall to Roof Details

DL48 – Hung Clay Tiles Wall to Roof Recessed Gutter Detail

DL49 – Hung Clay Tile Wall Corner Detail

New Brands

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Dreadnought Tiles - Clay Tiles

We are very excited to have Dreadnought Tiles join the library.

Dreadnought Tiles are known for their unrivalled true clay colours. With such a vast range you can easily find the perfect tile to suit your project. The natural colour of a Dreadnought tile is unique and cannot be matched with artificial colours.