DL207 – CLT Foundation Detail Concrete Ground Floor Slab

£3.00£5.50 + VAT

CLT Foundation Detail, Concrete Ground Floor Slab, insulation below slab.


Detail shows a typical CLT foundation configuration, other options are available. See also, DL208 for CLT on concrete plinth detail and DL209, alternative CLT wall build up with foundation detail.

CLT is a mass timber product consisting of layers of kiln dried timber orientated at right angles and glued together to form structural panels.

The CLT panels are fabricated off site, and can be cut to size ahead of delivery. CLT is a growing building material and can be seen in use in many different building forms. It can be used for structural systems such as walls, floors and roofs.

£5.50 + VAT
£3.00 + VAT
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